What on earth have I just done…?

Things to consider when deciding to make Aliyah…

 * The decision is yours. It has to feel right for YOU! If you are a family, the democratic rule applies.

* When you have decided that you will forego the life of comfort to move to a land that is completely different, don’t procrastinate. Open your files and expedite as soon as you can.

* There will be times when you have to divorce ideology for life planning. This doesn’t mean that you are no longer a passionate Zionist but that you are laying good foundations for your future in Israel.

* Do your homework!make sure that you research as much a s possible. Whether it is the banking system, medical aid or shlepping the pets, know how the Israeli systems work.

* You will never completely understand the Israeli systems. Try wrapping your head around banking. Oy vey!

* Everybody’s Aliyah experience is different. Don’t feel bad or beat yourself up if your experience is different to your partner’s/Friend/Child.

* Attitude is everything!!Keep a positive attitude and expect only from yourself. A sense of humour is fantastic! What you put in you will get out.

* I know that learning Hebrew can be totally intimidating. I completely screw up genders and tenses when I attempt it but it is an absolute necessity in order to get really good jobs and to socialise. How else are you going to know what people are saying about you?

These are just a few pointers that I have picked up in my experience. While it is completely normal to stress about Ulpan and not working, time out also provides and opportunity to recoup your emotional and physical strength and enjoy the experience and country. Afterall, you have just committed Aliyah!

3 thoughts on “What on earth have I just done…?

  1. Rolene,
    Just always remember that in Israel, you are finally HOME. And, like in all homes there are family squabbles and relatives who would rather be treated as strangers(except when the rent comes due). Also, the most important items to carry with you at all times are not your teudat zehut and a thick wad of cash(whatever that is, I’ve long forgotten) but, a sense of humor and inestimable patience. Also, here are a couple of hints that have served me well-as an Israeli(still can’t get used to calling myself that) I musy give you some advice or risk losing my citizenship rights:
    1) When in doubt, always DEMAND to speak to someone in English, even if you have to wait and listen to minute after minute of the same insane commercial messages and pleas for buying “deals’.
    2) NEVER admit to speaking Hebrew when you are not sure of what you are signing or buying
    3) When all else fails you can scream, cry, pound your fists, stamp your feet and just make a general nuisance out of yourself so they will think you are a crazy Western immigrant(we’re all crazy according to them anyway for coming here, wither crazy or rich or both) and will try to get you out of wherever you are as quickly as possible so they can go back to their cellphones, coffee or sudoku.
    4) And always, always and always remember that no matter how infuriating we can be, we love you and are really happy you have come home.


  2. Ro, keep speaking and messing up – its the way you learn. Like riding a bike or ………..having sex, practice makes perfect.
    Attitude – well that goes without saying – but abandon the saying “this is Israel” – we are always S African and we will NOT settle for anything second best – Israel and the Israelis can learn from us.
    well done for coming home and keep the good energy – it beams off you everytime i see you – lets develop the friendship – enjoy, be patient and jobs will come – walking and talking came long after you were born…… you are now reborn and starting again……….nurture yourselves and the time you have together, life will fall into place.


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