An Unholy Alliance

These days it seems that it takes a Tutu to tango. The Arch, once famous for his campaign to end Apartheid in South Africa, has done one of those classic tango dance pivots and charged off in the opposite direction and straight into the arms (pun intended?) of despots and lunatics like Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. The man whose name is synonymous with civil rights in South Africa and the man whose name is not only hard to pronounce but easily identifiable by the hatred he shows for Israel, have become dance partners. Strange bedfellows indeed! A dance with the devil perhaps?  Or just an unholy alliance?

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A Disproportionate Response

I must have blinked and missed it.  You know, the news coverage of the barrage of missiles and mortars that have been fired at Israel this past weekend from Gaza, sending over a million citizens of the South into their bomb shelters. You would think over 200 missiles and mortars would be newsworthy. Maybe the world’s media went on a collective vacation this past week. Of course, any response from Israel in defense of her citizens will draw worldwide condemnation and dominate front page headlines. Words like “disproportionate response” will be flung about and headlines such as “Israel continues to pound Gaza” will elicit more of an angry response than John McEnroe in his heyday!

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