An Unholy Alliance

These days it seems that it takes a Tutu to tango. The Arch, once famous for his campaign to end Apartheid in South Africa, has done one of those classic tango dance pivots and charged off in the opposite direction and straight into the arms (pun intended?) of despots and lunatics like Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. The man whose name is synonymous with civil rights in South Africa and the man whose name is not only hard to pronounce but easily identifiable by the hatred he shows for Israel, have become dance partners. Strange bedfellows indeed! A dance with the devil perhaps?  Or just an unholy alliance?

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1 thought on “An Unholy Alliance

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    In the American musical, “1776” there is a famous musical number that is played as a waltz denoting what was known as the Triangle Trade which was the name given the circuitous method by which slaves were purchased in Africa(through Arab slave traders), delivered to the West Indies and molasses was brought back to the American colonies to be processed into rum which was them sent by ship to Africa to be used to purchase the slaves. The name of the tune was “Molasses, to Rum to Slaves.” Well, today we have another triangle trade, also from Africa, and we could call it, “Tutu to Teheran to Terror.” There is a never ending trade in all manners of the vilification of Israel and the Jewish people that emanates from the most unlikely and disingenuous sources.
    Archbishop Tutu who lives on a continent where slavery still exists, where …women are treated as chattels, where child brides are auctioned off, where female genital mutilation is rife and where women are regularly stoned to death for adultery or even for looking at a man other then their husbands, and he has the temerity, as a Christian minister to declare that the kith and kin of the man he worships as his Savior are despoiling the city of his own people? Now, that is simply outrageous, but not so outrageous when you consider that the vast majority of the girls and women whose rights and lives are in daily jeopardy on the African continent where Tutu hangs his Christian collar, happen to be black?
    The eternal hypocrisy of Christian ministers and their congregations, like the Presbyterian Church with its BDS hysteria, and anti-Israel clerics of any Christian denomination to condemn the Jewish state for building homes in its own capital city, for “Judaizing” Jerusalem, would probably enrage their messiah with indignation and cause him to declare them worse pagans than the Romans. How can any believing Christian hate Israel and its people and claim to love Jesus(Yeshua) who was a believing, Torah observant Jew? To be anti-Israel, ergo, you must also be anti-Christian. How;s that fit into your theology Tutu, old boy?
    As far as the march on Jerusalem is concerned, the Israel Border Border Police and the Israel Defense Forces have been practicing all methods of non-lethal riot control to the effect that at least on the northern frontier, it is believed that most protestors will stay north of the border with Lebanon and stay in the area of Beaufort castle, about 7 kilometers away from the fences. Israel cannot and will not permit its borders to be overrun with enemy civilians whose crowds would likely contain terrorists, saboteurs, spies and enemy soldiers in civilian dress. No nation can permit its borders to be openly violated-even the United States had hundreds of miles of fences on its southern border with Mexico to prevent illegal entry and those two nations have not been at war since 1845.
    Israel has been in a constant state of war with several of her neighbors since the day of her birth and need not make any apologies for defending her sovereignty and her citizens, Indeed, it is this writer’s opinion that Israel’s defensive measures have been far too lenient.
    So, to Galloway, Tutu, and all other bigots, racists, anti-semites and other lunatics and losers, especially you folks who call yourselves Christians, next time you go to church and look up at that cross, remember that there was a Jew up there to whom you are relying on for your salvation and he would be pretty angry at you for hating his people. In fact, he might just come off that cross and beat you over the head with it.See More
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