Dressed to Kill: Suits, Ties and the Packaging of Evil


Roro’s Rantings is proud to present special featured guest, Olivier Rafowicz and his thoughts on the recent Toulouse massacre. This piece, recently featured on French radio, articulates beautifully what many people feel.

 Dressed to Kill: Suits, Ties and the Packaging of Evil

 What degree of hatred does it take to kill a child in cold blood?

What degree of hatred does it take to kill children and then go play foot ball?

What degree of hatred does it take to run in after a little girl into a school and shoot coolly?

It requires a degree of hatred that exceeds the imagination of men who are normal but is taught and inculcated by some fundamentalist Islamic movements that increasingly extends its influence throughout the world.

It’s been many years that Islamist terrorism strikes and kills and this week, we mark the 10 year anniversary when 30 Israelis were murdered on the evening of Passover in the Park Hotel, Netanya by a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist.

We should erase the names of these terrorists from memory as these are not humans, and should not be mentioned in the company of their victims. They do not deserve their notoriety; instead we should always remember the names of their victims.

 What degree of hypocrisy does it take to ask why this creature of unspeakable terror committed this attack?

What degree of anti-Semitism and hatred does it take to make the connection between children killed in cold blood and the Arab Israeli conflict on the same day?

 What degree of shame do journalists in need of material have to look for extenuating circumstances to explain this creature’s actions? Death, parental divorce, difficult economic integration has never made the Jewish immigrants from Morocco and Algeria Russia and Poland become assassins because they had problems integrating.

 You have to go over the current evidence. This killer was linked to radical Islamic terror groups.

Each attack tells us that this is not Islam but the act of an isolated madman or someone who feels marginalised.

How crazy that the marginalized hit and kill innocent Jewish children.


After each gruesome murder, after the funerals are held, the local Imam speaks of unity and love.

The Imams are aware of what is happening and should not act surprised while condemn the despicable act. Until the next time.

There are often two languages, one for the press the other for the faithful.

 Dressed in suits and ties, these preachers of evil broadcast messages that are bought by the European pseudo-intellectuals and media who will hide behind the freedom of expression to try and understand the motivation behind the killer’s behaviour. This creates a buzz around the killer and we forget the names of the victims. They deserve to be remembered.

 We should ensure that there will be no more room for dangerous radicals who do not comprehend the difference between good and evil.

It explains the inexplicable defends the indefensible we should no longer speak of the perpetrator and forget the dead.

I propose that we remove the name of this killer, this creature of death from existence.

No more mention of a killer who massacred children because they were Jewish.

 More recently over a million Muslims and anti-Israel activists attempted to march on Jerusalem.

IDF and security forces were in a state of high alert to any kind of provocation.

We recently witnessed  Islamic fundamentalism in Toulouse and those who march on Israel did not endorse peace, they seek the destruction of Israel. Those who commit acts of terror in Israel seek its destruction. They threaten and sometimes success in killing.

The only solution is vigilance and prevention initiatives.

 Do not expect to be dead for the right to react to this threat


2 thoughts on “Dressed to Kill: Suits, Ties and the Packaging of Evil

  1. Olivier Rafowicz – deeply sensitive and emotional words from one who has been up close and personal, where the lives of Israelis are at stake.
    Having just read “The Hajj” and presently midway through “Revenge” I am becoming more and more aware of just how different the culture of the Islamist and the Jew is. In “Revenge” the writer Laura Blumenfeld, enters the home of the family of a man who is in jail for the senseless shooting of her father in Jerusalem. (he was wounded, not killed) She is awestruck and recoils inwardly in horror at the irrational behaviour of the shooter’s mother, father and brother, who are proud of their son, and don’t seem to have any compassion for the man he shot at, for no reason. I suppose the hatred that is taught in the madrassa, the mosque, the schools, TV and more importantly – socially and within peer groups – defines what makes a ‘decent person’ as compared to a lunatic with no conscience.


  2. Let us agree that some Islamic cultures dehumanize their opponents. Let us continue to call to speak out and to call for action by Islamic leaders against terrorism. But let us not dehumanize our enemies, let us not, in our rage and grief, say, “these are not humans.” We have seen many times what results this can have. M. Rafowicz lacks aunt, uncle and grandparents due to this kind of thinking. Let us acknowledge that humans can do great evil, yet still be human.


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