Et Tu, Emma?

It would appear acclaimed actress Emma Thompson has taken leave of her “Sense and Sensibility”. Thompson joins fellow British thespians in calling for a boycott that would bar the Habima National Theatre from participating in the Globe to Globe festival which is scheduled to take place at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. They claim that the Habima is complicit in “a shameful record of involvement with illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

It is a tragedy that would not be a misplaced plot line in Shakespearian literature.

Read the complete article online at The Times of Israel

1 thought on “Et Tu, Emma?

  1. It’s not the boycotts of Israel which are, in reality, the boycott of all things Jewish, that bother me. Actually, the boycott has some positive effects-it identifies Israeli products so that people who are fair minded can recognize those goods and services produced by a free and democratic nation and can now purchase them with the knowledge that they are helping the economy of the one, free nation in a region of the world dominated by societies that practice female genital mutilation, the hanging of children, the execution of homosexuals, the stoning to death of women for merely walking in the street without a male escort and the forced marriages of pre-pubescent girls to overage pimps and pederasts. Also, these bigots and anti-Semites crawl out of their holes and identify themselves as the miscreants they are instead of hiding in the caves they inhabit where they tell each other how liberal and intellectual they are while they inculcate the propaganda of other self-styled liberals and socialists like Heinrich Himmler and Josef Goebbels..
    But my main bone of contention with these disgusting creatures is their lack of perseverance and dedication to their cause. If they truly want to follow in the footsteps of others who have fought the Jewish people in this manner, then they have to be 100% committed or they are just phonies. So, they have to ignore all the medical advances made by the Jewish state in cancer research, all the new drug therapies for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardio-vascular diseases and Parkinsons, that have been developed by the Israeli pharmaceutical company, Teva. While we’re at it, 20% of the generic medications offered in the USA and Western Europe are manufactured in Israel, so they had better check with their physicians as to whether they are taking Israeli manufactured medications. I sincerely hope these die hard boycotters enjoy their slow, agonizing deaths from cancer, complications of diabetes, the agony of dementia brought on by Alzheimer’s, all in the knowledge that they are staying true to their ideology while they suffer for their principles.
    By the way, if any of these misbegotten thugs is reading this, they had better get rid of their computer cause chances are that most of its component parts were either developed, manufactured or invented by R&D researchers based in Israel at Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Compax, HP, Cisco Sysytems and their firewalls and anti-virus settings were invented in the anti-cyber warfare centers of the Israel Defense Forces, as well as ICQ, and AOL’s chat lines. And, throw away your cellphones too!
    So, I say keep up the good work, you are increasing Israeli exports, strengthening our economy, keeping the shekel one of the highest traded currencies in the world, and giving Israel one of the lowest unemployment rates in 30 years! You are also forcing world Jewry to buy more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS of State of Israel Bonds this year and, now this will make you angry but, you know those terrible Israeli soldiers, the ones you love to hate, well, you forced a huge group of Americans to form an organization called the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, just to make certain that our men and women got help with education benefits, summer camps for their kids, financial assistance to orphaned children and recreation centers and because of your boycotts and threats of divestment and sanctions, you know what these Americans did? They had 2 gala dinners at a New York hotel in the last 2 years and they raised, hold on to your picket sign, FIFTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS-and it’s all tax free!!!!!
    So, from this Israeli, I want to say, keep up with whatever you’re doing, you are better Zionists then you can possibly imagine.


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