Lady Israel, we salute you!

Dear Lady Israel, Happy Birthday and may I just tell you just how fabulous you are looking at 64? You are aging gracefully and with dignity and are in no need of any botox injections to iron out your well-earned wrinkles.


You are a tiny lady but boy can you pack a mighty punch! You have earned every wrinkle and grey hair. You have faced adversity over 64 years that have seen you shed many tears over the loss of your children. Those who bravely defend you in uniform on land, sea and air and those killed by virtue of the fact that they are YOUR children. This year we count 22 993 tears for those in uniform and 2 477 for Israel’s civilians which include foreign workers. You bring comfort to the mourners and hope to those who seek your protection. You stare down a formidable enemy who seeks your destruction and many who question your legitimacy. Lady Israel, as tiny as you are, you look them in the eye and state your truth. We salute you.

Read the complete article in The Times of Israel

1 thought on “Lady Israel, we salute you!

  1. Love reading your pieces – they make sense, they are fascinating, they are easy to read and they leave one that much more knowledgeable about Israel from an olah’s perspective. Israel did well enticing you to live there – you have much to offer to a country with so much promise!


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