South Africa – STILL Practicing Apartheid

During the Apartheid years, South Africa was seen as the world’s number 1 pariah state. Officially excluded from the family of nations, South Africa was subjected to harsh policies of academic, economic, sporting and other boycotts. Many, including poster-child for the BDS movement against Israel, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have claimed that thanks to international policies of isolation and boycotts, the heinous Apartheid regime was brought to its knees and eventually ended.

Tutu and other proponents of the Boycott Divestment and Sanction campaign rationalize their attempts to isolate Israel by making odious comparisons between the Jewish State and Apartheid South Africa. As someone who grew up in South Africa, bore daily witness to the daily workings of the Apartheid machine and now lives in Israel, this campaign is racist and nefarious to say the least.

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I Am Woman. Hear Me Silenced?


am woman, hear me roar, in numbers to great to ignore, lala la …

Does anyone remember the Helen Reddy song I am woman that was released circa 1971? It became a rallying anthem for empowered women. The other day I was reminded of these lyrics when viewing the You Tube clip, a little further down below, which features some rather extraordinary women who had their fair share of important things to say.

If 2011 was the year when the humble tub of “cottage” motivated social change in Israel then 2012 is fast becoming the year that Jewish women raise their voices and express their dissatisfaction when it comes to being relegated to second class citizenship.

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They Never Promised Us a Rose Garden…

The blogosphere has been a-flutter, or is that a-chatter, with many Olim, both veteran and new, offering varying opinions in reaction to the controversial “Why live here”(Ariel Beery) blog post. Many have passionately made their case on reasons why we either choose to stay in Israel or go back to our countries of origin. After reading the blog I thought it would be remiss of me not to offer a response.

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