South Africa – STILL Practicing Apartheid

During the Apartheid years, South Africa was seen as the world’s number 1 pariah state. Officially excluded from the family of nations, South Africa was subjected to harsh policies of academic, economic, sporting and other boycotts. Many, including poster-child for the BDS movement against Israel, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have claimed that thanks to international policies of isolation and boycotts, the heinous Apartheid regime was brought to its knees and eventually ended.

Tutu and other proponents of the Boycott Divestment and Sanction campaign rationalize their attempts to isolate Israel by making odious comparisons between the Jewish State and Apartheid South Africa. As someone who grew up in South Africa, bore daily witness to the daily workings of the Apartheid machine and now lives in Israel, this campaign is racist and nefarious to say the least.

Read the complete article featured in The Times of Israel:

2 thoughts on “South Africa – STILL Practicing Apartheid

  1. If in the past you were to ask me who was my real South African hero, I’d have said the good Bishop. I once viewed him as a white dude trapped in a black skin, now I just see him for the idiot he really is. Totally inconsistent, running hot and cold, opening mouth to change feet. Why he bothered to remain a religious leader, God only knows. He should have just hung up his purple robe and joined the other bloody idiots who ‘run’ this country (into the ground).

    Israel is the birthplace of the founder of my faith. Jesus never came to Earth to start religion, but rather to annul it.

    Whilst I appreciate that this article has nothing to do with religions or beliefs as such, it is my heart’s desire that the good people of Israel don’t paint all Christians with the same brush when considering some imbecile who spews garbage beneath the guise of being ‘Christian’.

    True Christians worldwide uphold Israel in prayer every single day. They do so based on one very simple biblical scripture… Genesis 12:3 “I shall bless those who bless you (Israel) and curse those who curse you”

    In closing, I am blessed to have a major SA supermarket chain with a massive store not far from where I live. They have an entire section dedicated purely to goods from Israel that I have never seen in any of the other branches. The quality of the goods on offer surpasses anything produced locally. Keep it coming Israel!


  2. If Rob Davies and the DTI are really serious about this then our petrol pumps should carry a warning that this product may originate in fascist Saudi Arabia, or that goods manufactured north of our border originate in the Dictatorship of Zimbabwe.
    But we know that this is not about to happen, because we know what the real issue is here, and it sure has nothing to do with protecting consumers.


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