Driving Miss Crazy – The Sequel

I am finally a licenced meshuggah Israeli Driver. After, ahem, having to do my driver’s licence a second time, I have been
given the green light to terrorise fellow motorists. I feel like an 18 year old again! Some of you are familiar with the first post I wrote about the
challenges that Olim face and if you aren’t, here is a link to the original post:


I have been driving for (insert mumble here) amount of years so imagine how mortified I felt when I didn’t pass the first time. Short of flinging myself prostate at the feet of my examiner or dancing the dying swan scene from Swan lake and begging for a change of mind, I sheepishly agreed to just do it again. This meant MORE driving lessons. Good for the understanding of Israeli driver expectations, bad for the ego!

Read the complete article in the Times of Israel”


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