It only takes a minute…

Israelis are used to the visuals. The solemn flag draped coffins that bear the bodies of those that return home to Israel, killed because hatred knows no borders. Targeted because they are Jewish.

This past week, our collective hearts were shattered when terror struck a group of Israeli tourists who had just arrived for their vacations in Bulgaria. These were husbands, wives, best friends, sons and daughters. One of the victims had just discovered that she was pregnant and was carrying another precious soul. And then their lives and many others were changed in an instant by a vicious, hatred-filled enemy.

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Label This!

Last Thursday, Christian and Jewish South Africans marched together in a show of solidarity against the SA Department of Trade and Industry’s proposal to start re-labelling Israeli goods as “made in the Occupied Territories”. Close on 1 700 enthusiastic marchers participated in this “Africans for Israel” march, telling the DTI where they could effectively stick their labels!

The crowds gather

Initiated by the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) in association with the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), the Shembe Church, Impact for Christ Ministries and the South African Zionist Federation, the march brought together Jews, Christians from the Shembe tribe, members of the IFP, led by  Zulu Prince, Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Israel’s often lone supporter in parliament, the ACDP’s Reverend Kenneth Meshoe. And in addition to theSouth Africans, a contingent of Congolese, Zimbabweans and Nigerians also participated.

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