The Silence of the Lambs

Over the last 24 hours, Southern Israel has been the target of a barrage of over 60 rockets and mortars that have been fired on her civilian population by terrorists in Gaza. Not militants, not freedom fighters but TERRORISTS. Five civilians have been critically injured and homes have been destroyed. Schools have been closed sending Israel’s children into their bomb shelters. The only noise heard over this are the cries of frustration coming from a country that has had enough of the constant belligerence shown by our neighbours and the wails of sirens that warn our civilians to take shelter. And the silence shown by the world at this violation of human rights is deafening.

We will be sure to hear the bleating of the lambs once Israel responds. And Israel will respond as is our right as a sovereign nation to protect our civilian population.

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The Curious Case of Rob Davies the Label Whore…

It would appear that South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies is something of a labeling whore. But not designer labels, rather his penchant or his obsession with Israel. This began as a declaration of intent to label goods produced outside of the 1948 armistice line as “goods made in the  Occupied Palestinian Territories” and has snowballed into a situation that has possibly and irretrievably damaged the relationship between South African Jewry and the government.  .

Since 1994 the South African Government has paid lip service to the Jewish community, a community that has and continues to punch above its weight in contributions and experience, not only from a business perspective but from a humanitarian one as well. This is a community that can credit a disproportionate number of activists who fought against the Apartheid regime and contributed to the building of a truly democratic  South Africa. At one time,South Africa prided itself on taking on the role of a possible peace broker in the Middle East and toned down its  rhetoric accordingly.South Africa has always been vociferous about support for a Two State Solution and one wonders why President Zuma’s government does not seem to walk the talk. Post Operation Cast Lead the rhetoric changed with an about face on foreign policy towards Israel.  That was when some pundits began predicting that maybe the golden era of South African Jewry was drawing to a close.

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Walk tall and carry a large….cartoon bomb?

It has become the iconic picture that reverberated around the world and took over social media sites. Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu illustrating to the world (quite literally!) where the red line on the Iranian nuclear programme and subsequent response should be drawn. Whether or not people remember the contents of the speech, Netanyahu’s cartoon ACME bomb and the bold red line drawn at 90% has become the visual seared into the collective global memory. It has also been the subject of a lot of debate in Israel with many asking if the UN General Assembly is in fact the forum to illustrate your point quite like that. And you know you have reached a state of infamy when you inspire comical imitations!

The message was simple. Iran + enriched uranium = a very bad thing.

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