Another pig in the wall?

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Someone please get Roger Waters a new hobby. May I suggest knitting or macramé? Something that keeps him busy and takes his attention away from offending Jews.

 At a recent concert, Waters released an inflatable pig with a Magen David (Star of David) painted on it. A “pig-drone” of sorts. The song was “Run like Hell”. Now far be it for me to drone on (pun very much intended) but displaying a sacred religious symbol next to fascist symbols like the hammer and sickle that represent communism smacks of something far more nasty.

 Now we know Roger is the poster child for BDS and has a penchant for walls and kangaroos (excuse my very lateral reference to the Russel Tribunal!) and would balk at any allegations that would insinuate that he is anti-Semitic. Isn’t he just an artist exploring his creativity?


No Rog, you aren’t. Your politics are well known. While you have the right to spout your anti-Israel, BDS drivel, however misguided it may be, you have crossed the line. This time you are not making loaded statements about Israeli policy, this time you are taking a holy symbol and aligning it with the most hated forms of political governance.  Straight out of the Goebbels propaganda handbook.

The preferred tactics of the anti-Israel brigade is to disguise their intentions under the cover of concern for the Palestinians of other minority groups in Israel. It is a thinly veiled disguise. I think we should ask Waters where is the pig with the Ahmadinejad head? Where are the effigies spray painted with the likes of the most heinous human rights abusers? If you are at a loss, we have a whole neighbourhood full of them in the Middle East. Some throw opponents off the top of buildings, some throw acid on young girls in attempted honour killings, hell some even call for the destruction of a whole country!

 With rising levels of anti- Semitism around the world, this kind of action is not only offensive, it is irresponsible and alarming. It is just not kosher for a variety of reasons. This does not make you a creative and lyrical genius, all it show is that you have completely lost the plot. 

 Roger may I suggest you run like hell. Run yourself along to a much needed reality check.

1 thought on “Another pig in the wall?

  1. Roro – Roger Waters paints a fine example of being one who is unable to age with grace and dignity. His shows are held in smaller and smaller venues in comparison to his Pink Floyd heydays and but a few years back here in South Africa, his shows were almost cancelled due to poor tickets sales. Perhaps if he had concentrated more on his abilities and indisputable talents as a musician as opposed to the feeble attempts of a one man stand up activist comic, he would still have the respect and the dignity that he has so unceremoniously flushed down the toilet.

    Waters also depicts the proverbial ‘clutching at straws’ that the likes of The Simpsons creator Matt Groening so blatantly display, along with the clowns of South Park and Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy. Funny for years, but unable to adapt to a changing world and call it quits with fond memories, dignity and respect. Lets rather leap on the intolerance band-wagon and expect people to think its funny. Lets poke fun at Christians and Jews, make a mockery of the Bible and the ever precious people of the Holy Land.

    I’d love to see the gutless creators of South Park depict a TV series called “Mohammed and Friends”, or have cartoon images of Mohammed defecating as is done with the founder of my faith, Jesus Christ, who, just in case anyone has forgotten, was a Jew. They wouldn’t dare. They know the global outcry that would cause amongst the Muslims. No, they would rather poke fun and abuse at the peace loving, the tolerant and the forgiving.

    I won’t ramble. I actually feel sorry for these clowns, Waters included. They need to either go out to pasture gracefully, or continue to bang their heads against a wall with their stupid antics that will get them nowhere and achieve sweet bugger all. Israel has been and always will be God’s. Israel will never be put to shame, not now, not ever! How do I know this? Isaiah 61:7… “Instead of shame, my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance.”


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