Miley High Club

This blog post currently appears in The Times of Israel:

So the twerkin wasn’t workin’ and now dear Miley has decided to recycle yet another cliched stereotype – the music industry is controlled by “70 year old Jewish men” who don’t seem to know what young people want from their popstars.


Here is what Miley said on Hunger TV:


 “It’s always weird when things are targeted for young people, yet they’re driven by people that are like 40 years too old. It can’t be like this 70-year-old Jewish man that doesn’t leave his desk all day, telling me what the clubs want to hear.”

 It begs the question, is Miley trying to assert her new adult image on us by being as controversial as possible and trotting out stupid statements or has she been smoking a little to much doobie? Maybe she is just channelling her inner Mel Gibson.



Do we call Miley an anti -Semite and accuse her of taking a wrecking ball to her career (I hear the collective groan but I really could not resist!) or do we just shrug it off as another over-marketed teeny bopper trying to prove she does have the chops to be taken seriously?

 Girl, you better check yourself before you wreck-ing ball (okay so she makes it too easy!) yourself.

 Put your tongue back in your mouth, it is tripping you up!

 Here is why these types of comments are just not kosher. Apart from being offensive in that they single out a certain population group and dredge up an ugly stereotype, young celebrities whose social media presence is massive with millions of Twitter followers are fast becoming the mouthpiece of a generation. Justin Bieber famously called Anne Frank a “Belieber” in reference to her possibly being a fan of his and many accused him of being insensitive and Anti-Semitism. But seriously, when was the last time a young pop star visited a museum?

  Now nobody is saying Miley should be a role model. The latex undies and crotch skimming foam finger took care of that but as someone who has legions of young fans hanging on her every tweet, perhaps she needs to tighten the connection between brain and mouth. If Miley wants to lick sledgehammers and give us the finger, that is her prerogative. Racist comments are non-negotiable. There is no street-cred in bigotry.


 We all get the message. Hannah Montana is a BIG girl now. While Miley’s tongue probably has its own Twitter handle and receives more column inches than its actual length, it needs to be better informed. Until such time, if it wants to be more rock ‘n roll, get it pierced. Have something tattoo’ed.

  We live in age of social media where we know everything from what our favourite schleb had for breakfast, the intimate details of their love lives and their thoughts and opinions on just about everything. You are nobody unless you can opine in under 140 characters.


Cyrus has not apologised or offered any kind of explanation for her comments. Those “70 year old Jewish men” know a thing or two about creating the careers of some of the world sbest know artists. They also know how to  Perhaps she will be just one more over-exposed wannabe on her way to the garbage bin of has-beens.

  Put on your big girl knickers and show some contrition before you become #Mileywho?



A Terrorist by any other name…

This blog post currently appears in The Times of Israel:


Militants. Radicals. Fundamentalists. Extremists. Insurgents.


When did the word terrorist disappear from the lexicon of adjectives used to describe the heinous and violent acts that torture and rob people of their lives? In our attempts to be politically correct have we diluted the description of people who fly planes into buildings, hold civilians under siege in shopping malls (if they have not slaughtered them mercilessly), blow up buses, and restaurants, launch rockets at civilians, blow up trains and churches, kidnap, torture and behead?

 They become the rock stars of their community, their evil intentions cloaked in ideological fervour. Their posters are hung on the walls of teenagers who are taught to idolise them and live on in infamy through the naming of streets and sports stadiums in their honour. 

Let’s call a spade a spade. These are terrorists. They inspire terror and fear. The word “militant” or “radical” implies that they are just a bunch of really pissed of folks with guns and toys that explode. They are TERROR-ISTS! Their intentions are to instil as much fear with absolute impunity. Their legacy is trauma.

 The eye-witness accounts coming in from the horrific terror attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya are horrendous. Victims speak of the incredible acts of torture perpetrated by the Al- Shabaab terrorists, how nobody, not even the children were immune. The translation of Al Shabaab mean “the Youth”. Couldn’t the youth far better serve their communities by focusing on education and nation building?


This brings me to the subject of children. Educating children to become homicide bombers or dying in the name of Holy War is nothing short of child abuse. And boy, how summer camp has changed! There is no more kumbaya by the campfire, instead a healthy dose of “Death to Israel” coupled with firing of ubiquitous AK47’s are activities the children can look forward to. Graduates of summer camp Hamas or Al Qaeda style go on to commit the atrocities we see becoming more and more endemic around the world. Al Shabaab is a youth movement – terror stylie.


Here is the reality: no outstretched hand and unclenched fist is going to change their minds. Whether it is Mumbai, Madrid, Nairobi or Netanya, the results are the same. Death, mayhem and trauma. Terrorists do not understand subtleties or the language of political correctness that pepper our modern day discourse. They are not going to suddenly beat their chests in a collective mea culpa because we have decided to soften the language of new reporting and sound bites. There is only one language they understand – a show of strength.

 It is time to call a spade a shovel and end this culture of cow towing to terrorists.

 After all, we owe it to the victims. They are the ones we should really be talking about.