Israel’s Adventures in Wonderland

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“The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things / Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings / And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings / Calloo, Callay, come run away / With the cabbages and kings.” The Walrus, (Alice in Wonderland).

You could be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to reading or hearing about the Middle East, that you have fallen down the rabbit-hole into some kind of bizarre parallel universe where the world is topsy turvy and nothing makes sense. The Walrus seems to be more coherent than some of those who frequently opine and make decisions that affect Israel and the rest of the neighbourhood.

The commentary, headlines and decisions that world leaders make about Israel has us thinking that perhaps we are at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Israel has become the proverbial bait that is dangled before the sharks and other predators with the rationale that sorting out the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will magically cure all ills. Wars will magically disappear, radicals will suddenly find their need to sing kumbaya and everything will be coming up roses.

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If only. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is suffering from an awful case of foot in mouth disease. Every time he opens his mouth to opine on Israel he sticks his foot right in. His latest comments infer that if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was solved, the Islamic State would have a lot less candidates. He obviously missed the declaration of the Caliphate. IS are a force so evil that even Al Qaeda have said no thank you to signing up. Al Qaeda are like Mickey Mouse by comparison.  The double standard that Kerry and others subscribe to on issues Israel related is quite staggering. How can we forget his “hell of a pinpoint operation” jibe with regards to Israel defending her citizens against Hamas this past summer? I am sure that the coalition forces are exercising proportion and restraint when dealing with ISIS.

But it is not just Kerry that subscribes to ye olde double standard. I cannot help but be amused when I hear the same people who bemoaned Israel’s actions in Gaza saying that Israel should be included in the coalition, after all we will successfully sort them out.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, is also suffering from a Middle Eastern related ailment. Known as “Tunnel Vision”, Mr Moon suffers from symptoms that range from selective amnesia on warnings about the use and intentions of Hamas built tunnels and signs of shock and disbelief when confronted with the reality. It is too little, too late, Mr Moon. Perhaps if you heeded our warnings about the dangers of tunnel vision, this condition would not have spread to your UN schools and buildings. Now Ban is demanding an inquiry into weapons found in UN facilities in the Gaza strip – but not without castigating Israel for “wholesale destruction”


“There is no hope for long-term stability in Gaza without addressing the underlying causes of the conflict: an end to the occupation that has grinded on for nearly half a century, a full lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip and effectively addressing Israel’s legitimate security concerns,” Ban said.

Sigh. Oh Ban, we have been through this before. What occupation in Gaza? Did you also miss the memo on the disengagement?

Rounding out the theatre of the absurd, is the movement by at least two European states to recognize a Palestinian state. This must come at great confusion to the Kurds, currently amongst the most persecuted people in the world, who are waiting for the world to recognize their national aspirations.

The majority of the British parliament voted to “symbolically” recognize a Palestinians state. Is it a belated mea culpa for past historical ties to the region or do they think if they pander to the Palestinian cause that they will placate ISIS? Once again Israel is the proverbial carrot or shark bait dangled in front of a predatory international community who feign impatience with Israel yet judge the Jewish state according to a different set of rules.

But the cherry on the top has to be the press coverage of yesterday’s terror attack in Jerusalem. Apparently the brutal death of a 3 month old baby girl by a staunch Hamas supporter doesn’t warrant a headline more than the one featured below by the AP (Associated Press). Seriously? Is the life of a Jewish baby girl so worthless and cheap?


When Israel should be the topic of discussion, the world is silent but opinions and opprobrium flow freely in moments when support should be paramount. The appalling rise of anti-Semitism barely warrants a mention in international discourse.  I am beginning to think the Walrus is more intelligent than the average leader.

It is a Mad Hatter’s tea party, a bizarre world where everything is upside down and Israel can be dangled on a fishing hook for everyone to bite. We have fallen down the rabbit hole and I cannot help but wonder, how in the world are we ever going to find our way out?

“Without Israel, the Palestinians are nothing and nobody is interested” | By Olivier Rafowicz

Roro’s Rantings is delighted to present special guest blogger, Olivier Rafowicz. This article currently appears in French in Le Monde Juif:


During this last week, world leaders convened at a summit in Cairo to discuss plans for the reconstruction of Gaza and to pledge financial aid to the Hamas-ruled territory. Kerry, Ashton, Fabius et al decided to award $5.4 billion in aid for this process. Kerry and the others have pledged this vast amount of money all the while pointing fingers of blame at Israel and demanding the creation of a Palestinian state. Meanwhile, thousands of Kurds in Kubani and elsewhere are slaughtered and forgotten. Hamas are laughing all the way to the bank.  How much of this aid will actually go towards the building of schools, hospitals and homes? Thousands of Eastern Christians have been massacred and expelled and hundreds of thousands more line the roads of Iraq and Syria as refugees. They are nameless men, in an unfriendly country, with nothing. Their plight does not make our 24 hour news broadcasts and the streets of major cities around the world are empty. There are no protests in Paris, London, Berlin and New York for the massacre of these Christians. Protests are reserved to express outrage against Israel for defending her citizens. All these refugees do not have the chance to be pitied like the Palestinians. They do not interest anyone, not Kerry, not Fabius nor Ashton. There are no summits to discuss any help for them. They are not awarded billions of dollars in aid. There is no future for them but death, anonymity and to disappear into the oblivion of history. The great powers only care about Israel and the poor Palestinians who have murdered children and launched thousands of rockets into the Jewish State. The only chance that the Palestinians have is Israel. Without us they are nothing and nobody is interested. Our fates seem intertwined but if the Palestinians did not seek constant confrontation with Israel, the world would not care about them. In a sense they are fortunate that they are in conflict with Israel. It elevates their status and brings their issues into the collective consciousness of a world yearning to absolve itself of a long history of mistreatment of the Jewish people. If the Palestinians were engaged in conflict with another nation would the world care? Would they retain special refugee status and receive an incredible amount of financial aid? No. The world would remain disinterested and uncaring. Perhaps it is chance or luck that links them to the Jewish state. While the world’s attention is focused on Gaza, a new barbaric evil continues to rise and spread across the Middle East. Daeish stretches from the gates of Baghdad to the border of Turkey. The Kurds of Syria have been massacred while Turkey watches and does nothing. How Daeish must laugh when they see that the world has mobilized to help Hamas and Gaza and have forgotten the main enemy, the first danger to the world, the Islamic State. The current Western leadership has taken the wrong route and the results will be terrifying. The Middle East is in the process of falling into an Islamist killing spree and the world is more concerned about rebuilding Gaza at the hands of jihadist Hamas. They care more about loans to jihadists than the human rights of those suffering at the hands of Daeish. Irish philosopher, Edmund Burke, once remarked that all it took for evil to flourish was for good men to do nothing. Sadly, it seems that history is repeating itself once again.

Olivier Rafowicz is a reserve Colonel in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and is the former foreign media spokesman. Rafowicz is a senior consultant in communication and military affairs and has provided analysis and commentary on Middle Eastern issues on radio television and in the print media. Rafowicz is a frequent commentator on i24 News French edition and serves as KKL-JNF Senior Advisor on Hasbarah in Europe.

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