“Without Israel, the Palestinians are nothing and nobody is interested” | By Olivier Rafowicz

Roro’s Rantings is delighted to present special guest blogger, Olivier Rafowicz. This article currently appears in French in Le Monde Juif: http://www.lemondejuif.info/2014/10/israel-les-palestiniens-rien-ninteressent-personne-o-rafowicz/#.VDwO1RtAEvY.gmail


During this last week, world leaders convened at a summit in Cairo to discuss plans for the reconstruction of Gaza and to pledge financial aid to the Hamas-ruled territory. Kerry, Ashton, Fabius et al decided to award $5.4 billion in aid for this process. Kerry and the others have pledged this vast amount of money all the while pointing fingers of blame at Israel and demanding the creation of a Palestinian state. Meanwhile, thousands of Kurds in Kubani and elsewhere are slaughtered and forgotten. Hamas are laughing all the way to the bank.  How much of this aid will actually go towards the building of schools, hospitals and homes? Thousands of Eastern Christians have been massacred and expelled and hundreds of thousands more line the roads of Iraq and Syria as refugees. They are nameless men, in an unfriendly country, with nothing. Their plight does not make our 24 hour news broadcasts and the streets of major cities around the world are empty. There are no protests in Paris, London, Berlin and New York for the massacre of these Christians. Protests are reserved to express outrage against Israel for defending her citizens. All these refugees do not have the chance to be pitied like the Palestinians. They do not interest anyone, not Kerry, not Fabius nor Ashton. There are no summits to discuss any help for them. They are not awarded billions of dollars in aid. There is no future for them but death, anonymity and to disappear into the oblivion of history. The great powers only care about Israel and the poor Palestinians who have murdered children and launched thousands of rockets into the Jewish State. The only chance that the Palestinians have is Israel. Without us they are nothing and nobody is interested. Our fates seem intertwined but if the Palestinians did not seek constant confrontation with Israel, the world would not care about them. In a sense they are fortunate that they are in conflict with Israel. It elevates their status and brings their issues into the collective consciousness of a world yearning to absolve itself of a long history of mistreatment of the Jewish people. If the Palestinians were engaged in conflict with another nation would the world care? Would they retain special refugee status and receive an incredible amount of financial aid? No. The world would remain disinterested and uncaring. Perhaps it is chance or luck that links them to the Jewish state. While the world’s attention is focused on Gaza, a new barbaric evil continues to rise and spread across the Middle East. Daeish stretches from the gates of Baghdad to the border of Turkey. The Kurds of Syria have been massacred while Turkey watches and does nothing. How Daeish must laugh when they see that the world has mobilized to help Hamas and Gaza and have forgotten the main enemy, the first danger to the world, the Islamic State. The current Western leadership has taken the wrong route and the results will be terrifying. The Middle East is in the process of falling into an Islamist killing spree and the world is more concerned about rebuilding Gaza at the hands of jihadist Hamas. They care more about loans to jihadists than the human rights of those suffering at the hands of Daeish. Irish philosopher, Edmund Burke, once remarked that all it took for evil to flourish was for good men to do nothing. Sadly, it seems that history is repeating itself once again.

Olivier Rafowicz is a reserve Colonel in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and is the former foreign media spokesman. Rafowicz is a senior consultant in communication and military affairs and has provided analysis and commentary on Middle Eastern issues on radio television and in the print media. Rafowicz is a frequent commentator on i24 News French edition and serves as KKL-JNF Senior Advisor on Hasbarah in Europe.

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1 thought on ““Without Israel, the Palestinians are nothing and nobody is interested” | By Olivier Rafowicz

  1. Kerry’s administration, not even apologizing for his remarks ‘blaming” Israel for encouraging fighters to join Daeish because of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is embarrassing for USA and irritating for Israel. The time has come for historians to make the time to visit Kerry and Obama to teach them the timeline of the conflict. Obviously, the American administration is not too busy these days and has the time and the money, to learn facts about Jews and their claim to the land and about Arabs who have no claim but a bag full of lies and fabricated media.

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