A time to scream

More than 70 years after the Holocaust, a cruel and barbaric evil has surfaced. There is no depth to their depravity and their medieval methods of torture and murder are becoming more and more atrocious. They are so depraved that not even Al Qaeda want to be associated with them. In a recent interview with members of the world’s previous first ranked terror organization, Al Qaeda terrorists described their fear of the Islamic State (Daesh).

Nobody is immune from their evil clutches, not aid workers, not journalists and not even their co-religionists. They are more sophisticated than their counterparts, understanding the power of social media and good video editing and their poster boy, Jihadi John, a citizen of the United Kingdom understands the veracity of clear communication in English. In short, they are terrifying.

The horrific irony is that these execution videos or sick snuff films are becoming recruitment calls and thousands around the world are signing up to become members of this gang of terror.

They have marched through the Middle East on their mission of mayhem, slaughtering Yazidis, crucifying Christians, including children, beheading journalists and aid workers and leaving a trail of death in their wake.


Cartoon courtesy of RAFO

They are a dangerous enemy because they are not an army we can meet on a battlefield or easily identify. They hide, like faceless cowards behind their balaclavas and masks.

Last night they released their footage of the execution of Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh. A devout Sunni Muslim, al-Kasasbeh was burnt alive while being held in a cage. I have not and don’t need to watch the footage – I can hear his screams.

No, you will not see links to the video of al-Kasasbeh’s execution here or still photography pictures. I will not be complicit in giving Daesh the media coverage they crave. Their victims die torturous deaths and the trauma for their loved ones is unimaginable.


Vigil held for Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh

Last week we commemorated 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and International Holocaust Day.  The tears and the painful memories which are forever embedded in our hearts and in our consciousness flowed freely.

To coincide with this, the BBC held an hour long debate on whether or not it is time to lay the Holocaust to rest. The link is included below.

This is offensive on SO many levels. Anti-Semitism is reaching alarming levels around the world and once again, Jews are fleeing Europe. Holocaust Survivor, Roman Kent’s plea “Do not let our past become our children’s future” cut to the very heart of me.  This is why we talk about the Holocaust. This is why we endeavor to educate. When we took that vow NEVER AGAIN, we promised Roman Kent, we promised our family members we lost, we promised the victims of the Holocaust we will never let it happen again. We promised future generations that we will create a better world for them.

More than 70 years after the Holocaust can we really say we learnt anything? In Rwanda and Cambodia, in the former Yugoslavia and in the Ukraine and across the Middle East, genocide and mass murder has resurfaced.

We are not dealing with the issues. We use words like “militant” or “extremist” to describe these murderous barbarians. Let us call them what they are. They are terrorists. Until we call it what it is, we will never be able to defeat them.

World leaders cannot make speeches filled with sound bites or send famed folk singers to sing kumbaya as a gesture of goodwill to the victims.

Enough is enough. We owe it to Roman Kent and the victims of the Holocaust, the Yazidis, Christians who are being slaughtered the people of Rwanda, Cambodia and other genocides to give them the voice they never had. ISIS and their ilk are the Nazis of this era and they need to be defeated for once and for all.

We cannot let NEVER AGAIN become AGAIN AND AGAIN. It is a time to scream.

3 thoughts on “A time to scream

  1. The burning alive of the Jordanian pilot reminds me of the Kristallnacht. Just as the horrific war that followed in its wake killed 60 million people, today we face a pernicious evil that seeks worldwide domination employing a bloodthirsty ideology.
    You know, it was easy 70 years ago to ignore what was happening. There was no 24 hour cable TV news, no videos on the internet and no instantaneous news bulletins flashed across the television screen courtesy of satellites and thousands of embedded journalists and people with iPhones.
    Back then, all one had were newspaper photos that are far less dramatic than a video and the newsreel in the movie theatres were days late and were often used by the patrons to go to the bathroom or purchase a snack at the candy counter. Besides, who really cared what was happening to some foreign Jews in Germany anyway?
    However, this makes what is happening today far more dangerous. No one can say that they haven’t heard or seen the news. The targets now are not only Jews, but Christians and Moslems. That Jordanian pilot was not a rabbi or a priest, but a Moslem,
    The “Great Powers” of the 1930s buried their collective heads in the muck when the German Army marched into the Rhineland in 1936 in direct contravention of the Versailles treaty. They looked the other way when the Anschluss, the rape of Austria by Nazi Germany’s troops walked into Vienna and German agents assassinated the Austrian chancellor. In an incredible act of appeasement, Britain and France surrendered the Sudetenland section of Czechoslovakia
    to the Nazi thugs and then, remained silent when these same troops occupied the rest of that hapless nation.
    Even after the invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, it took THREE days for the French and the British to declare was on Germany and then they sat on their hands on the Western front, during what has come to be known as the “Sitzkrieg” or the “Phony War.”
    There is nothing phony about the chain of events we have been witnessing throughout the Middle East and Africa-the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, the rapes, crucifixions, beheadings and now, the burning of a man in a cage, are all over the media. and yet, the United States and the European Union are incredulously in denial.
    The Nazis said, quite openly, over and over again, “Today Europe, tomorrow, the world.” Now we see that today, it’s Syria and Iraq, tomorrow, the Caliphate. Just as Germany grabbed lands through conquest and murdered men, women and children, so today, ISIS is accomplishing the same. If the world does not take heed of what is happening before their eyes, I fear that the coming conflagration will make World War Two look like a bridge tournament.


  2. Reblogged this on un occhio e una lente a spasso per il mondo and commented:
    That’s right: Never Again! Never Ever!

    Contrary to what many (im)morally confused state: There is a difference between the Shoah and any other form of massacre perpetrated throughout history by man’s sadistic, soulless, opprobrious self, even though slaughter is slaughter and unacceptable.

    In fact, whoever went after the Jews in Nazi Germany, in the demential and perverse hitlerian order, wanted exactly what Hitler then, and islam wanted then and wants today: to annihilate all Jews on the face of the earth, to total extinction. They won’t rest until they accomplish that unthinkable horrific ‘feat’ or WE, the so-called civilized world, stand up for justice and put a ‘physical’ end to it – for as gruesome as it may happen to get.
    An abomination in itself, an abomination in absolute within the inhumanness of these cults of death.


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