Dear United Nations – from an Israeli woman

Dear United Nations

We know you are obsessed with Israel.  You cannot leave us alone. You pass resolution after resolution deriding us and singling us out for opprobrium. You are drunk with lust against us and there are so many who are voiceless and nameless who are wondering why you don’t seem to care about their issues. It is just the petite Jewish State that gets you all worked up, so much so that on the 20th 0f March 2015 you decided that Israel is the number one violator of women’s rights, namely those of Palestinian women.

Sigh. Oh, Useless Nations, do you not have anything better to do? Your “when in doubt, just blame Israel” approach is getting a bit tired and long in the tooth now.

Israel is a vibrant democracy where women are very much a part of the fabric that has and continues to build the country every day. We are pioneers, having built a country with very little natural resources. We are trailblazers in business, politics, volunteer organisations, the arts and sciences and so much more.  We are religious and secular and everything in between – hey, if you want to spend Shabbat in downward dog contemplating your navel that is okay too! We are warriors and defenders of our country on land, sea, air and airwaves and we are homemakers, entrepreneurs and creative genii.  We are changing the political landscape and we represent over 80 different ethnicities. We can vote, drive, own property and business. We can make decisions that govern our bodies and our communities and if we want to, raise a little hell.


Lady Warriors of the IDF

We are free to be who we are, free to choose and free to fight for our rights. In communities where religious doctrines are sometimes prohibitive towards gender rights for women, we are slowly making changes.

The same cannot be said for many of the other women in our neighbourhood. Women in other parts of the Middle East are not as free as their Israeli sisters and this is not our fault. Blame the despotic, theocratic regimes that are in place. In this part of the world, girls are married off before they reach puberty or are killed because they have ‘dishonoured” their families. In this part of the world, women do not have the right to own property, vote, get an education or even drive. Gender Apartheid is rife and the unprecedented rise of Daesh (ISIS) with their deathly brand of medieval barbarism is sending women’s rights back to the stone-age.


Golda Meir z”l, first female Prime Minister of Israel

There are so many women’s rights abuse transgressions around the world and particularly in the Middle East and the United Nations is silent.  The Palestinian women in Yarmouk refugee camp who are devastated at the starvation of their children, the Yazidi women being raped and slaughtered, the Christian women being persecuted, the Syrian women who have been subject to civil war are in need of your outrage and help.


Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize Winner

Stop pointing your finger at Israel and use your considerable platform to give a voice to our suffering sisters.  Help those women who you accuse us of discriminating against. They are far more deserving of your attention than we are.

Kind regards

This concerned Israeli woman.

2 thoughts on “Dear United Nations – from an Israeli woman

  1. Those who would denigrate the status if women in Israel are truly clueless. But that is being too kind. They are the slaves of the misogynistic and women hating countries that force girls into pedophilic prostitution, child marriages and stone women to death for adultery. The UN has lost whatever moral compass it once possessed.


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