Lies, hate and blood lusts

It is 12h16am. In just a few short hours, Israel has endured multiple terror attacks.

It can happen anywhere. On the bus, walking in the street or driving your car. Without a warning. Israel is enduring a frightening wave of terror where the weapons of choice are knives and guns to murder, cinderblocks and rocks to throw at cars. The most potent weapons are the words of incitement that emanate from the Mosques and the factional leadership, including PA President, Mahmoud Abbas, that are whipping the street into a frenzy of hatred with intent to murder.

Brought up on an unhealthy diet of “kill the Jewish usurper” incitement education from birth, Arabs from both the territories and Israel have embarked on daily terror attacks. Teenage Arab terror assailants have stabbed their Jewish peers. Women in modest hijab’s have stabbed other women or soldiers. An infant was stabbed.  Rabbi Eitam Henkin z”l and his wife Na’ama, were murdered in front of their children while returning home after Shabbat. Palestinians responded by singing and waving around pictures of the dead Jews. Everybody is a target in lust for Jewish blood.


Israeli baby treated by paramedics after stabbing

Two weeks ago, Mahmoud Abbas used his opportunity to address the UN General Assembly to effectively relegate the Oslo Peace Accords into the garbage bins of history. As far as he is concerned, Palestinians are not bound by any peace deals and couple this with the hatred that spews forth from his mouth and you have a recipe for disaster. Make no mistake, this current wave of terror has been carefully orchestrated and the excuse that Jewish presence on the Temple Mount is the root cause is just the latest in the string of lies that grows ever longer. The Al Aqsa Mosque has effectively been defiled by those who use this sacred shrine as a weapons storage facility.

The world is silent. Jews under attack from Arabs is not nearly as sexy or headline-generating as Israeli reprisals. The world media gets hysterical when terrorists are “neutralized” by Israeli security forces. Those damn Jews, defending themselves again!

Palestinians declare more and more days of rage. Yes we know, you have days of rage, days of temper tantrums, days of victimhood, days of poor-us-ISIS-have-eclipsed-our-infamy- what-do-we-do? With the focus of the world firmly on Syria and ISIS, Palestinians have had to do something to be relevant again. How sad that once again they have chosen tactics that are counterproductive to peace.


Well, I am also having a day of rage. I am enraged at the senseless violence and tragic death. I am furious that I feel that I cannot trust the Arabs I interact with on a daily basis. I am aggrieved that before I go to meetings or embark on my daily routine I have to weigh the safest options. I am angered that yet again, the chasm is widening and the distrust growing.

We will endure this as we have war, 2 intifadas and multiple waves. We are sustained by hope and the tenet that above all, we choose life. The world may be silent but we are not – we will find every forum we can to shout out that #Jewishlivesmatter!

My immense gratitude to the IDF, police and all in Israel’s security forces who are defending us with their lives. Quite literally!

The time for blame games and accusations of tit-for-tat are over. This blood frenzy where Jews are targeted one by one is based on the most evil and oldest hatred.

I am appealing to all who are reading this to show your support for Israel by helping us disseminate information about what is happening here. Help us end the silence! And while you are sharing, reposting, tweeting and emailing, please stand in solidarity with us by raising an Israeli flag on your social media pages.


The time is 13h13. By now the names and numbers of casualties have been released. The names of the wounded circulated for prayers for swift healing. The messages checking in with friends have died down.

May tomorrow be a quiet day.


A Game of Thrones – Putin style.

This blog is currently featured in the South African Jewish Report:

After several years of civil war, hundreds of thousands of deaths and a refugee crisis that is engulfing Europe, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has decided to send troops to Syria and airstrikes have begun on rebel strongholds. Putin is putin (pun intended) his support firmly behind Syria’s Assad regime. Well, birds of a tyrannical feather do flock together…


At the moment of this blog post being published, 36 civilians have been killed.

This body count may register as a headline in a publication but it is not as sexy as say, Israel killing 36 Palestinians which more often than not warrants further inspection that almost always finds the majority of recorded casualties to be amongst belligerents.

As news of the civilian casualty count came in, I wondered how many cries of condemnation we would hear from human rights activists or the UN, EU and other general practitioners of holier-than-thouism. Of course the UN is currently preoccupied with speeches from world leaders to the General Assembly which have offered such pearls of moronic wisdom such as Mugabe’s “we are not gay” statement and Iran’s Rouhani and his ever predictable threats to Israel and for good measure, a token stab at the USA for “its unwarranted support of the Zionist regime”. All delivered with his customary Cheshire cat grin, so as to avoid alarming the nice folk at the UN. Abbas has in essence, flung the Oslo Agreements out the window and all eyes will be on Bibi for his rebuttal. At the EU, you can hear the chirping of crickets.

France has been the only power to investigate Assad for crimes against humanity, even though it is seen as largely symbolic.

Russia will not be subjugated to special investigation or have the UN delirious with mad obsession, passing resolution after resolution for the civilians killed in the airstrike. This is a privilege reserved specially for Israel.

And what about Obama? The problem is that the USA, by failing to deliver on threats to bomb Syria when news broke that Assad had used gas against civilians has rendered the commander-in-chief of the mighty US forces more laughing stock than serious player. Obama’s “red lines” moved more than someone dancing the hokey pokey. Don’t worry Mr President, there is always golf….


The Middle East is a neighbourhood being consumed by flames. Daesh (ISIS) has pretty much destroyed Iraq and is making Syria its new target for terror, leaving a trail of barbaric murder and the destruction of ancient and precious antiquity in its wake. Egyptian forces battle these medieval lunatics and Jordan has felt the wrath and effect with the brutal torture and slaying of a Jordanian pilot. Lebanon has Hizbollah and Daesh in a heated standoff and in Gaza, Hamas are threatened by these barbarians who have claimed responsibility for a salvo of rockets launched at Israel. Israel is dealing with its own issues but is keeping a vigilant and watchful eye on our borders.

Russia entering the fray has added another complex layer to the mix. Putin has proven time and again that nothing and nobody threatens him in any way. There will be a disproportionate lack of response to any civilian deaths as a result of airstrikes.

Putin’s concern that Daesh may reach Russia is another reason for these airstrikes. “The only correct way to fight international terrorism… is to act preemptively, to battle and destroy fighters and terrorists on the territories they have already seized, not to wait for them to come to us,” he said in televised comments. Israel was notified of pending strikes as part of bilateral relations and while the US were quick to claim that they were also notified, Obama and Putin still clash over how best to handle the Syrian crisis and Daesh.

Obama has faced harsh international criticism for his failure to mention the word terror. Putin however, has no problem calling a spade a shovel. Obama is more concerned about the Iranian deal and mollifying the Mullahs.

All the while, Iran watches, waits and continues to fund international terror. Nuclear deal be damned!

This is a very sophisticated episode of Game of Thrones. King of the Middle East is the ultimate prize. If one is keeping score, Putin is currently in the lead and Obama has been relegated to the role of court jester.


As the USA approaches an election year, it will be interesting to see how foreign policy plays out but in the meantime Putin picks up sword and scepter (and sophisticated fighter aircraft) and keeps his eye on the throne.