Ship of Fools. Flotilla of Idiots.

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Picture the scene – 13 self-righteous “human rights’ activists set sail for Gaza. Thirteen women from 13 different countries boarded the Zeytoun-Oliva determined to “end the siege on Gaza”. Armed with appalling singing voices and a YouTube account filled with moronic videos, they took to the high seas (okay, the Mediterranean) to liberate the people of Gaza from the frightful maritime blockade that is enforced by Israel. Legal and necessary, this blockade is in place to prevent the smuggling of weapons and material that Hamas and other groups based in the Gaza Strip use to rain terror on Israel’s citizens like fire rockets, dig tunnels, you know, all that war stuff that is a gross violation of the human rights of Israelis to live in peace.

Hardly Boudica and her army but flotillas are cause for concern because apart from their intention of conducting an illegal breach of the blockade, they have been known to have weapons on board and activists whose behavior is anything but peaceful. Mavi Marmara anyone?

The same day as the Zaytoun-Oliva was sailing to “break the siege on Gaza” we saw proof just why it is necessary to enforce such measures as rockets fired by ISIS supporting Salafists were fired into Israel from Gaza. Landing in a residential area, Code Red warnings sent traumatized residents scrambling for shelter. Imagine if this was your city.


Surveying damage caused by rocket in Sderot

 I am sure these ISIS supporters would have been thrilled to receive a special delivery of 13 new sex slaves with a boat to spare. Please ladies, save the sanctimonious lectures and song and learn a little bit about the region you are coming to.

You say that you want to highlight the plight of Palestinians, especially the women? I could not agree more. Their plight should be highlighted because they live under siege – they are besieged by a bunch of autocratic lunatics who base their ruling on a genocidal  charter that calls for the total destruction of all Jews and enforces a medieval rule of law. That is not very human rightsie…..

Yes, the plight of Palestinian women does need to be highlighted. They live as second class citizens  and are denied the many rights that their male counterparts enjoy, provided of course that they are Hamas supporting, fully heterosexual, Allah fearing and don’t complain. Some of these women have been subjected to honour killings for crimes such as being a victim of rape. For Olympic atlete, Lee Anne Naidoo  who hailsfrom South Africa, I have a special message for you. Hamas who run the Gaza strip object hugely to same sex relationships. Your concern for the Palestinians is admirable but your sexual orientation will not garner you any  tolerance and  may find you flung off the top of the nearest building. This is not a sarcastic message, it is a fact.


Setting sail for Gaza

The Zaytoun-Oliva was safely intercepted by female officers (yup, the so called “occupying forces of the IDF” are sensitive like that!)  and the following statement was released:

“The flotilla was stopped without resistance 35 miles from the Israeli coast. There were 13 women aboard and the boat is on its way to Ashdod and will arrive within an hour.”

“In accordance with the decisions of the political leadership and after calls to the Zaytouna flotilla by the navy to stop, which were rejected, sailors from the Navy took control of the boat before it arrived at the Gaza Strip,” the statement read.

“The process of taking control was short and resulted in no injuries. The response was implemented after many call to the sailors aboard the flotilla at various distances in the sea. After the sailors indicated that they had no intention to cooperate and to accept the offer to sail to Ashdod, the decision was taken to take control and to prevent it from breaching the legal naval blockade and to divert it to the Ashdod port,”

So no, they were not “kidnapped” (see moronic video made by the activists) below. The interception was peaceful.

I suggest that when they sail back on their merry way to where they came from that they stop in Syria. The women of that country deserve empathy and their plight being highlighted.

While these 13 women strum guitars and sing on their boat I ask where are the songs for the Yazidi women? Where are the flotillas for persecuted and massacred Christian women all over the Middle East? Where are the laments for the hundreds of thousands victims slaughtered by mass killings, gassing and other horrendous means?

Women have always played a role in raising the consciousness of human rights abuse. It is heartbreaking that the voice of the truly oppressed in this region are ignored as political grandstanding is favoured. Dear members of the Zeytoun-Oliva – your silence at the plight of our sisters who really need a voice is appalling.


Who sails for them?

Bon voyage –  when you are serious about women’s rights in the region, we will talk.

10 thoughts on “Ship of Fools. Flotilla of Idiots.

  1. I was bored yesterday and watched the “piss flotilla” on TV with their idiot crew of grannies.

    I decided that I need to organize a trip on the beautiful Mediterranean for free, so why not do it. Details below.

    Next flotilla set to sail as soon as we can first get a free boat; food donations for the trip, free suntan cream and a guitar….

    Goal: Flotilla to rescue endangered species in Gomoldousfontein :

    Short history of the conflict which is consuming the lives of many innocent and ignorant elderly who have reached retirement age and have nothing really to do to fill up their hours. So let’s all go on a voyage and enjoy five minutes of celeb status at the same time. Now why did I not think of this before?

    The species have difficult to identify bodies, hooded faces, nasty temperament and tend to emit poison spit which threaten the local environment.

    They have a tendency to be vicious and threatening when deprived of their prey.

    The only way the indigenous population of the area is able to control them is to fence them off and try to keep them within a specified boundary, even though this specie enjoys a hierarchy of leaders and common workers who are pushed to the bottom of the food chain– the leaders are in full and corrupt control of the workers.

    They are fed and cared for daily by the indigenous population, but the general mental make-up of this species are not content with this arrangement and become restless during specific times of the year.

    They enjoy working outdoors and are ingenious enough to build tunnels underground recycling all the rubbish the rest of the world disposes of, into the seas and third world countries.

    We, the women of the world are organizing a flotilla of small boats to sail into enemy territory to save this endangered species.

    The ‘must have’ in order to be accepted onto our peace boat is at least one degree in ignorance; and those who hold Google degrees will be given preference above others, to those who only hold narratives or opinions gleaned from the internet.

    Most desired profession; One guitar playing songstress (preferably blond) who knows all the lyrics to peace songs and especially to Kumbaya.

    A few grey-haired grannies, are imperative to show the world that we are no threat, carry no weapons and like all grannies, we carry our lilac scented hankies in our bras and in all pockets of our jump suits, we have soft candies (sweets); we are English/European, and have packed donated toys; as these poor babies play with sticks and stones and don’t have electric cars or computer games.

    A have to have, is a celeb – someone who has won some kind of prize – a Nobel peace prize will do at a push, if we can find no-one else of that stature.

    Of course before all the above, those who have long hair, who can operate a telephone with one hand, while holding on to a ship rail with the other, is an important asset. She absolutely has to have a direct radio connection with a biased television station; and she should bring with her a television crew, to video and direct her, so that a photo of her flying hair and serious demeanor is portrayed to certain sections of the world i.e. to those who are not too preoccupied with elections and hurricanes and Muslim mass murder and suicide crimes.

    The rest of the motley crew is less important, but must be dressed in the appropriate apparel – a scarf with the flag colors of the specie is vital, sunglasses, hats and bottles of sun-screen, as the pearly white skins of peace ladies, are not used to the burning sun of the seas and the rough terrain of the species.

    Send your resume to ‘oh forget it” and wait for further instructions.

    Peace to the world and all that …..


  2. it is as if you put my thoughts in writing!!!
    I can offer them more locations they would think are exotic to travel to: Yemen’s starving population… India’s sweatshops… Africa…

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  3. You are idiots …stop ranting…Israel is an amazing country….and you were lucky to be kidnapped by Israelis and not ISIS..go back to your homes and stop bothering them..they’ve got enough on their plates without your nonsense.


  4. What a wonderful group of people with commitment hearts…so sorry for all the hateful, small minded comments that have been left here.


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  6. it never ceases to amaze me that with the entire Middle East going up in flames, with Syria destabilizing into a tribal cabal of various factions slaughtering each other ( something the Moslem, especially Arab world, has been dutifully practicing for 1400 years) Iran, a prototypical Islamo-Nazi state with leaders who openly discuss their megalomaniacal obsession with immolating Israel and sinking the US Navy to the bottom of the Persian Gulf and homosexuals of all types either being thrown off of rooftops or hanged from construction cranes and pre-pubescent girls being sold at slave markets to sexual deviants and predatory rapists, that these 13 women have nothing better to occupy their “humanitarian” concern than sailing a garbage scow towards the Israeli coast in order to promote an agenda that reeks of Jew hatred and mentally fecal ideology.
    Maybe all these women need is a little attention from psychiatrists and historians, especially female ones.


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