BDS – What you need to know (concise toolkit)

Thank you SA Jewish Report for publishing this important resource:’s-anti-bds-toolkit-for-world-wizo

Dear Reader

What is BDS (Boycott, Divestment and sanctions)? What are the accusations that they level at Israel and what is their modus operandi? How do we deal with the lies and erm….BS that BDS spread?

In this very concise toolkit that I have compiled for World WIZO, we look at the various aspects of the BDS movement. There are links to sites and articles that may be helpful.

I hope this toolkit serves you.

BDS – A summary

Israel stands accused of Apartheid

BDS – The war on campus

BDS – Lawfare

BDS Around the world – South Africa

BDS Around the World – Europe

BDS Around the World – The USA

BDS Around the World – South America

What YOU can do:

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