Talking Tachlis: Yom Hashoa edition: Interview with Rabbi Lau

World WIZO commemorates Yom Hashoa with a special edition of Talking Tachlis. In this episode, we have a conversation with World WIZO Chairperson, Prof. Rivka Lazovsky and our special guest, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi and child survivor of Buchenwald Concentration camp.

This was a profoundly emotional interview for me (we had to stop filming so I could dry my tears and pull myself together)  and such an honour to meet Rabbi Lau, a real treasure.

During this emotional and moving interview, you will the laughter of Israeli children and we could not help but be moved by the triumphant sounds of happy children, free to play and laugh in their schoolyard after hearing about the darkest chapter in our history.

The interview is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

May the memories of all who perished be blessed.

Rabbi Lau interview