Pallywood –industry of lies

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Pallywood Industry of lies

It is news so fake that it has birthed an industry! In fact, there is a term for this kind of drivel – Pallywood. It is a combination of what you get when you mix Palestinian news manipulations with a healthy dose of Hollywood special effects.

If the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences had a special category for this, it would take a clean sweep of gold Oscar statues every year. Could you imagine the acceptance speeches! In all seriousness, in era where social media has created citizen journalists and armchair generals and the term “fake news” is flung about without the responsibility of proper journalism, media consumers are buying the lies and this is propagating a lot of anti-Israel sentiment – sometimes resulting in violence.

This is not a new trend, in fact it has been around long enough to create real damage. And it does. Nobody wants to be seen to not be supportive of human rights and those responsible for the staging of these “news stories” know this and capitalize on people’s good intentions.

Listed below, are some notable episodes of Pallywood.

Mohammed Al Dura – a bloodless libel?

This was the story that brought the term “Pallywood” to global conscience. France 2, who screened the “footage” of the event claimed that he had been killed by IDF troops. Al-Dura became the global symbol of Palestinian resistance. The image of the little boy Mohammed cradled in his father’s arms as he lay dying was shocking. This picture was shown for days on Arab and international TV stations and was cited as inspiration by both Osama bin Laden and the killers of Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl.

Even the IDF at the beginning, thought that they were responsible. Except many notable facts were conspicuously missing. During a later investigation it was found out that France 2 had omitted to show the last few moments of the raw footage. It was discovered that not only was Al-Dura not shot by IDF troops but that he in fact moved his hand. He was not in fact, dead.

State-owned France 2’s raw footage, as shot by Palestinian cameraman Abu-Rahma, shows no sign of blood on the wall, ground, or barrel in the area where the Al-Duras were situated. Reporters brought to the scene on October 1, however, were shown large blood stains in the vicinity of the barrel.

Is this the case of a bloodless libel? And did Mohammed in fact die or was the body shown to the media that of another al-Dura child?

Phillipe Karsenty is the founder of Media-Ratings, a group that monitors the French media. He was the one who questioned France 2’s account of the events.  “Everyone in France knows the footage is a hoax,” he told The UK Independent. Conceding that the Israeli report could not be considered impartial, he added: “The governments of Hollande and Sarkozy have always known that the footage was faked. This report brings the hypocrisy into the open. The damage caused by the Al Dura hoax still reverberates around the world today.



The incredible case of the dead man who sprung to life

Not since the days of the bible have we seen such miracles happen in the Holy Land. The dead seem to spring to life again! The Pallywood industry would have you believe that the body counts are higher than they are and fail to mention, as was evident during Operation Protective Shield in 2014, that the clear majority of those killed were Hamas operatives. Only in the Middle East do the dead run alongside the stretcher that they are carried off in. Miracles!

About six minutes into this clip, you can view how miracles occur in the Holy Land when a “corpse” suddenly springs to life and jumps off his stretcher.



The great Hamas electricity crisis of 2008.

Poor Hamas. In 2008 there was such a crisis with electricity that they had to conduct a parliamentary meeting by candlelight. As this took place during the day, wouldn’t it have been more simple if they had just opened the curtains to let the light in? But then how would they have been able to tug on your heartstrings and make you believe that once again the evil Zionist occupiers had usurped the electricity?

In 2008, roughly 2,200,000 liters of diesel fuel were being transferred through the Nahal Oz fuel terminal to the Gaza Strip power plant weekly. This power plant is capable of supplying 30% of the total electricity requirements of the Gaza Strip. The remaining power needs are supplied by Israel and Egypt unlimited quantities of cooking gas, 800,000 liters of diesel fuel for transportation and 75,000 liters of gasoline were transferred weekly.

The gasoline and diesel fuel transferred by Israel is designated primarily for use by ambulances, water pumps, the sewage system, for the operation of generators at various institutions such as hospitals, schools and clinics, for agricultural use, transportation, school buses, food trucks, garbage collection, public transportation, shipping boats, food plants, bakeries, and so on.

It had become apparent that the Palestinians were staging an energy crisis while instigating strikes and protests. Images of closed filling stations, long lines of people and vehicles waiting many hours to fill their tanks, were all part of a planned Hamas media campaign being conducted at the expense of the civilian population – a crisis caused by their failure to pump available fuel supplies from the Nahal Oz Palestinian fuel depot.

This is not the first time that Hamas has used the civilian population of Gaza for well-coordinated photo opportunities. They have summarily exploited their elderly, women and children to be human shields in every conflagration with Israel and are proud of the fact that in doing so they prey on the heartstrings of the media consumers who are not aware of their intentions. But hey, if the truth got out how else would they be able to marshal outraged human rights activists into angry protests against Israel?


Shooting the breeze – literally!

You have heard the term “fake it till you make it”?  Well, if you are bored and looking for a hobby, why not practice your incredible combat skills against an unarmed….erm….room?

The clip below demonstrates how you can play pretend battle scene and quite literally shoot the breeze! It is like a scene from a movie – only without the A-list cast. Imagine if all this energy was spent on education and improving social welfare rather than stirring up people’s anger?

UNESCO – they can fake history!

The earth is flat. The moon is made out of green cheese.  The tooth fairy takes away your baby teeth and replaces them with money (well, that one may be true!). Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall.

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted 24-6 to give preliminary approval to a resolution that denies Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and Western Wall. These are the holiest sites in Judaism, where King Solomon’s majestic Temples once stood. This is not the only account of resolutions that nullify Jewish connections to iconic holy sites. Other resolutions include nullifying Israeli claims to Jerusalem and Hebron. The former took place on Israeli Independence Day as if to add further insult to injury. Failing to win military wars against Israel, Palestinian leaders have resorted to diplomatic warfare and expanded the remit of Pallywood to claim international institutions as a new stage. Tired of distorted history and flagrant anti-Israel sentiments, both the USA and Israel will most likely pull out of UNESCO. Perhaps the new Director General may flex her muscles but the resolutions remain consigned to history books and the worry is new generations who will believe it. Institutionalised anti-Semitism at its worst.

As media consumers, we can demand of journalists and media outlets that they report responsibly and factually. We also need to be a little bit more discerning when it comes to our news. Sadly, there are many who have just drunk the Kool Aid and believe all that is presented to them as if it were facts. It is important to be cognisant that believing the soundbites that Hamas regularly feed the media is in fact, supporting terror. Fake news can be fatal – the anger generated by faux news reports has resulted in violence and an uptick in terror attacks.

By being responsible consumers of news, we can relegate Pallywood to the garbage heap of failed ideas – which is exactly where it belongs.