Episodes of Modiin – and Beyond as featured on Radio Modiin

Episode 31: Howard Sackstein, Chairman of the SA Jewish Report, HonestReporting’s Simon Plosker and Yael Kinar:

Episode 30: Janice Cohen and Shira Frohlinger Adv. Maurice Hirsch Yael Kinar

Episode 29: Daniella Tannenwald from Thrivacious, Ido Gotin, Director of Resource Development, Save a Child’s Heart and Yael Kinar

Episode 28: Yom Hashoa Special Broadcast with Producer and Director of J’Accuse, Michael Kretzmer:

Episode 27: Cherie Albucher, CEO Cherie Marketing Project Management, Rowan Polovin, National Chairman, SA Zionist Federation and Yael Kinar

Episode 26: Adam Levick, CAMERA UK and Yael Kinar

Episode 25: Joseph Gitler, CEO of Leket, Tomer Treves, Co-Founder, CBO of Adnimation and Yael Kinar:

Episode 24: Lance Soller, Chairman of Telfed Modiin, David Lange, CEO Israellycool and entertainment guru, Yael Kinar:

Episode 23: Yoni Zierler of Stand With Us talks about the Abraham Accords, Asher Stern of the International legal Forum and I unpack issues with South Africa and the AU and SARU and Yael Kinar brings us the latest in entertainment:

Episode 20: For those who watched J’Accuse or are interested in Lithuania’s role in Holocaust revisionism, here is my interview with Grant Gochin (interview about 5 mins in)

Episode 19: Anita Friedman, Chairpoerson World WIZO, Shaun Sack, NGO Monitor and Clinical Dietitian and Mindset mentor, Justine Friedman:

Episode 17: Emily Schrader talks women’s rights in the Middle East, Simon Plosker of HonestReporting brings us “Dishonest Reporter of the Year” and Michael Dickson talks Isresilience:

Episode 14:Tomer Treves of Adnimation, Shaun Sacks of NGO Monitor and our resident entertainment guru, Yael Kinar:

Episode 13: Bev Ehrlich on relationships. Eitan Fischberger talks letter to Elon Musk to adopt IHRA and Yael Kinar:

Episode 11: Arsen Ostrovsky, CEO of the International Legal Forum and I chat about Ira, Malka Neustedter is a marriage counselor with sage advice and Jonny Gould, host of the Jewish State podcast and I talk UK-Israel relations:

Episode 9: Emily Schrader talks about solidarity with Iran’s women, Adv Maurice Hirsch talks about the bizarre decision of Australia to walk back recognition of West Jerusalem and Yael Kinar and I talk about The Crown and Kanye:

Episode 8: Dr Ilana Kwartin talks about extreme controlling behaviour – the signs to watch out for, Adv Maurice Hirsh and I unpack Lapid and Abbas’s UNGA speeches and Deputy Mayor, Amiad Taub talks about services for special needs citizens in Modiin:

Episode 7: Talya Korach is 11 and Modiins youngest Entrepreneur! Justine Friedman teaches us how to approach Roch Hashanah mindfully and Yael Kinar and I chat about The Queen ahead of her funeral:

Episode 3: Tricia Schwitzer introduces us to ESRA, Asher Stern from the International Legal Forum discusses the Mapping Project and founder of Wisdom Power Kids, Dani Korach talks about empowering children here:

Episode 2: Howard Feldman teaches us to Smile, Dammit! Avi and Kasriel Kay talk about the Unity Torah Project in memory of Eli Kay and Yael Kinar catches us up on the world of entertainment: