Podcasts – In Partnership with the Disgruntled Millenial

Roro’s Rantings is delighted to be in partnership with The Disgruntled Millenial to bring you live podcasts:

1) Roro sits down with the Disgruntled Millenial. Hear the interview here:


We spoke about the Apartheid comparison, the Middle East, Israel’s media battlefield and everything in between!

Brett Segal: Music and Video Producer. Podcaster. Disgruntled Millennial. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcxyXR9b7pHSyrpfH3s7hDw

2) Yom Hazikaron Memorial Podcast: Flags at half mast




BDS Gophers – stay in your hole! Podcast with the Disgruntled Millenial

Roro and The Disgruntled Millenial discuss BDS, antisemitism and the recent Global Forum on Combating Antisemitism that was held in Jerusalem….and everything in between!

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