It only takes a minute…

Israelis are used to the visuals. The solemn flag draped coffins that bear the bodies of those that return home to Israel, killed because hatred knows no borders. Targeted because they are Jewish.

This past week, our collective hearts were shattered when terror struck a group of Israeli tourists who had just arrived for their vacations in Bulgaria. These were husbands, wives, best friends, sons and daughters. One of the victims had just discovered that she was pregnant and was carrying another precious soul. And then their lives and many others were changed in an instant by a vicious, hatred-filled enemy.

Read the complete post as it appears in The Times of Israel:

1 thought on “It only takes a minute…

  1. Reblogged this on They call me Mummy and commented:
    This post is not light-hearted and funny. It’s not cute and witty. It’s sad. But it’s a message I really want to share. Please take the time to read this, reflect and ask why the International Olympic Committee has always refused, and continues to this day to refuse, to give these ten athletes the minutes silence they deserve. This is not about politics. It’s about humanity. Are we not even human anymore?

    One minute is really not that much to ask, is it?


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