Roro on Camera…..

The Shtick – in Australia!

I was honoured to be invited to Australia for a speaking tour and it was a pleasure to appear on The Shtick:


The Shtick Segment 1

The Shtick Segment 2

Making an early appearance on Israeli TV

Six months into Aliya, I was a guest on Israeli TV:

IL POV Channel

Celebrating Co-existence in Haifa

The northern Israeli city of Haifa is a model of integration and tolerance. Every year, thousands of revelers descend on the city to celebrate the highly anticipated, Festival of Festivals. This 25-year old festivals takes place every December and is a celebration of the country’s three main religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Haifa is festooned with twinkling Christmas lights, chanukiot for Chanukah and Islamic symbols. It is a rare opportunity to be exposed to and enjoy the timeless traditions of these three religions. Rolene Marks filed this report for Channel News Asia:


Check out Roro on ILPOV filmed on 31st of July 2011


Welcome to Talking Tachlis!! Join in the conversation by sending me your questions. I proudly volunteer with WIZO and invite my sisters around the world to join our movement.

Talking Tachlis

Talking Tachlis Episode 4: Michael Dickson, Stand With Us.

Welcome to another episode of Talking Tachlis. We were so excited to sit down with the executive director of Stand With Us, Michael Dickson and talk about how to be pro-active on social media, how to help the next generation of students and leaders feel more confident and empowered and a whole lot of other topics.

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Interview with Michael Dickson: Click here


Talking Tachlis Episode 3: Arsen Ostrovsky, Executive Director, the Israeli Jewish Congress.

It was such a pleasure to interview Arsen Ostrovsky, the Executive Director of the Israeli Jewish Congress. We spoke about lobbying efforts, BDS and how YOU can be a digital diplomat.


Talking Tachlis Episode 2: Yigal Palmor – Director of Communications, Jewish Agency for Israel

Last week, I was delighted to chat with Yigal Palmor,  former Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman and Director of Communications for the Jewish Agency for Israel, about growing anti-Semitism and what you can do in your country to be a pro-activist for Israel. To all my French and Spanish speaking friends, Yigal recorded special messages for you as well.

Yigal Palmor English

Yigal Palmor French

Yigal Palmor Spanish


Talking Tachlis Episode 1: Interview with HonestReporting

How can you best respond to biased media against Israel?
For the first ‘Talking Tachlis’ interview, Rolene Marks, World WIZO Public Diplomacy & Hasbara Chair, sat down with HonestReporting‘s managing editor, Simon Plosker, to get tips and tools.
HonestReporting has launched a Brazilian affiliate and has one in Spanish as well.
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TalkingTachlis with HonestReporting


Talking Tachlis with Col (res) Olivier Rafowicz (English and French)

He is no stranger to Roro’s Rantings and I was delighted to interview him for Talking Tachlis on a variety of subjects including including UNESCO, the changing Middle East and how WIZO women can play a powerful, influential role in making the case for Israel.

View the Interviews here:

French Version

English Version

Previous featured articles by Col. Rafowicz:


Talking Tachlis: Dr Elena Heideman

In this latest episode of World WIZO “Talking Tachlis” I chatted with Israel Forever Foundation Executive Director, Dr. Elana Heideman. We spoke about 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, the legacy of Elie Wiesel z”l and the 2017 International Holocaust Memorial Day.


Dr Elana Heideman


Talking Tachlis: A conversation with Natan Sharansky and Prof.Rivka Lazovsky

I am delighted to introduce the latest episode of Talking Tachlis which features a conversation between two great organisations. World WIZO Executive Member: Public Diplomacy & Hasbara, Rolene Marks and I sat down with Chairman of the Executive for the Jewish Agency for Israel and human rights icon, Natan Sharansky for a conversation about our organizations, defining anti-Semitism through “the 3-d lens”, special friendships with Nelson Mandela and a whole lot more.

This was a real highlight for me and very humbling to sit down with a modern Zionist hero.

Video clip is in English and available with English, French and Spanish subtitles:

English subtitles

Spanish subtitles

French Subtitles


Talking Tachlis: Yom Hashoa edition: Interview with Rabbi Lau

World WIZO commemorates Yom Hashoa with a special edition of Talking Tachlis. In this episode, we have a conversation with World WIZO Chairperson, Prof. Rivka Lazovsky and our special guest, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi and child survivor of Buchenwald Concentration camp.

This was a profoundly emotional interview for me (we had to stop filming so I could dry my tears and pull myself together)  and such an honour to meet Rabbi Lau, a real treasure.

During this emotional and moving interview, you will the laughter of Israeli children and we could not help but be moved by the triumphant sounds of happy children, free to play and laugh in their schoolyard after hearing about the darkest chapter in our history.

The interview is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

May the memories of all who perished be blessed.

Rabbi Lau interview


Talking Tachlis with Galit Levi