Dear Stevie – An Open Letter to Stevie Wonder

Please permit me a moment of your time to express our collective dismay and disappointment at your decision to cancel your scheduled performance for an IDF (Israel Defense Force) fundraiser. I understand it was with a “heavy heart” that you cancelled and that it was recommended by the UN because you are “a messenger of peace”.

Herein lies my confusion. You have been the voice of a generation, you once sang with so much conviction That’s What Friends Are For and that Ebony and Ivory could live together in perfect harmony. You campaigned vociferously to make Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday a national holiday in the US. He was one of the greatest supporters of Zionism and the rights of the Jewish people to call Israel home.

Please read the complete post as it appears in The Algemeiner:

3 thoughts on “Dear Stevie – An Open Letter to Stevie Wonder

  1. Dear Stevie, I am a South African woman of 65. You have been my lifetime idol. So much so, that my husband always jokes with me, that he never asks me what I would like for my birthday. He says that he knows the answer will be to spend a day talking and listening to Stevie Wonder. After just returning from the beautiful land of Israel, and spending quality time with wonderful Israeli’s, I was dismayed to hear that you had allowed yourself to become swayed by politicians, to cancel your trip to perform in Israel. You always struck me as a person that spread happiness, a promoter of piece even in your lyrics, which are always accompanied by a happy, tuneful melody. You struck me as a peace maker, a persuader of good thinking , and above all tolerance and love. What has happened to your balanced thinking? Why back off from performing, and spreading your good will? Why take sides in this long, ongoing feud. Isreal is a small dot on the map, surrounded by Arabs that promote hate speeches, and promote the death and destruction of Israel and all the Jewish people. I am so disappointed in your stance, I don’t think that I will ever be able to enjoy your talent anymore, without thinking of you as an antisemite.


  2. I will never understand how some people, like Stevie Wonder buckle under the presure of the enemies of Israel. For myself, I have since long ago considered myself a friend of Israel, and I will never turn my back on a friend.


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