BDS – Bulls*** Double Standards?

This article currently appears in The Algemeiner:

The issue of human rights is very alluring. It appeals to our conscience and sense of altruism but what happens when organisations and individuals who claim to be concerned with the cause of human rights discriminate against the rights of another?

Okay, the jig is up. You all know who I am talking about. BDS – the so called Boycott Divestment and Sanction movement. Only it should be renamed “we only care about boycotting Israel and accusing them of heinous crimes like Apartheid and screw those other folks like the Yazidis, Christians and Syrians who could really use our help.” But then again that would make for a rather long and confusing acronym.

It seems like those who are in dire need of a voice are not the subjects of marches, rallies – and t-shirts!

Cut to South Africa – okay I know I drone on but it really is the epicenter of BDS, seeing it burst onto the global stage at the 2001 UN Conference – and the latest drama playing out is t-shirt-gate. Now I know that you are scratching your heads wondering what I am going on about but it exposes another hypocritical double standard that the BDS are guilty of.

The humble t-shirt has now sparked a controversy about discrimination against these so called human rights activists. BDS SA poster child, Mohamed Desai, was asked to leave a popular Johannesburg gym for wearing a BDS t-shirt that read “From the coast of Cape Town to the coast of Gaza, in solidarity with Palestinians against Israeli apartheid”. See video clip below:

Mohamed Desai has a rant on camera

Now Mr Desai and his cohorts are guilty of the following – singing “Shoot the Jew” at a rally, harassing and bullying staff and shoppers at Woolworths stores, intimidating and even bribing student leaders who visited Israel recently, amongst other belligerent activities. The students incidentally have firmly decided that they have been lied to by BDS but back to our friend Mohammed who used the excuse that singing shoot the Jew was merely a hearken back to the struggle song “shoot the boer”. Both songs are repugnant. Desai is now taking t-shirtgate to the South African Human Rights Commission.

This is a prime example of the hideous double standards employed by this movement. Yeah, they are a movement alright – one that may require a latrine.

This same self-righteous are silent on Syria, the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, the flagrant abuse of Yazidis and the rape, mutilation and torture of women by Daesh (ISIS). Not a peep out of the mouths of this bunch. No marches, no demonstrations and no boycotts. This honour is reserved only for Israel and Jewish communities around the world.


BDS rally in Paris but where is the one against ISIS

At a time when Jews have been shot while touring museums and doing their Shabbat shopping, there is nothing remotely dismissive or funny about singing songs like shoot the Jew. Why is it that every time BDS want to make a point something or protest their activities invariably result in anti-Semitism?

BDS are quite frankly anti peace. Bullyboy tactics and double standards are contra to what any peace loving individual who wants to see a just and negotiated settlement reached in the Middle East. Discourse is the only way and boycotts and inflammatory speech destroys that.

I appeal to any peace loving, sane person to not believe the bulls*** spouted by these hate mongers. Don’t let them polarize your community or import conflicts into your country, rather give a voice to those who have no advocates speaking or marching on their behalf. Nobody will be offended by any t-shirt carrying a peace sign.

5 thoughts on “BDS – Bulls*** Double Standards?

  1. It’s like I said Ro, perhaps this clown thought Virgin Active was a hyper-store for choosing the 72 to await in the glorious (sic) hereafter.


  2. I think that we are very quick to forget that the mold for the BDS began with ‘Peace Now’ here in Israel. When they were found to be impotent here in Israel, they decided to wash their dirty linen abroad, and told their sympathisers abroad, (and we know that there is no lack of anti Israeli sympathisers) to boycott produce from the ‘occupied territories’. That is how it began. Now that the snowball has grown out of all control they are absconding themselves from all blame, coming up smelling of roses. But it began with ‘Peace Now’ – have no illusions, and they should be brought to task for starting this revolting trend..


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